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North Bay, Ontario, Canada
I grew up in Nova Scotia, surrounded by beautiful beaches, salty breezes, and folk art! Now I live in North Bay Ontario - I'm a Special Education teacher by day, and I spend my evenings and weekends in my little home studio painting anything I can get my hands on! Click on any image to go to my Etsy shops for prices and details...Thanks for visiting my blog♥

Artist Statement

I describe my work as whimsical East Coast art with a northern twist.  I grew up on the south shore of Nova Scotia, surrounded by beautiful beaches, fishing boats, and folk art. After moving to Northern Ontario I needed a way to bring the whimsy of the East Coast to my new home and returned to my roots as a folk artist.  

Currently I work with acrylics on canvas, but I started out painting anything in sight, from chairs to lunchboxes to picture frames.  True to my folk art background, I am self-taught and love to work in one-dimension (this leaves more time for fun details!)  My pieces are low maintenance and I like to leave them unframed – they’re meant to be hung lazily on a nail in the wall and enjoyed. 

I am inspired by east coast scenes of fishing boats and lighthouses, as well as the wildlife and cottage living of the north.   I love to find humor in everyday situations - my ideas range from naked lovers in a canoe to a moose preparing to dash across a northern highway in his Nike shorts, but they’re all meant to make people smile.   Artists that have inspired me include Maud Lewis and Joe Norris - Nova Scotian folk artists that painted quaint and colourful scenes of coastal and rural life on the East Coast.   Like these artists, I love bright colours, and lots of them!  My pieces aren’t complete until they’re covered from top to bottom with colour, and I usually throw in a few of my signature flowers to add the finishing touch.